The Magic of a Smoothie Maker

A smoothie maker gives you the ability to instantly make tasty and refreshing ice cold drinks with extreme ease. Although it is true that it is irresistible to sip on that rich milkshake, you sometimes have second thoughts knowing it is full of calories and unwanted fat. With your handy smoothie maker, not only that you make refreshing and delightful shakes, you also make them with half calories compared to a regular one.

You might have the misconception that a smoothie maker works similar to a regular blender because of its appearance. However, the smoothie mixer is designed specially for mixing and blending fresh fruits while crushing ice in a higher level. There is also a major distinction between the shape of a smoothie maker and a blender, the blender tapers more towards the bottom while the smoothie maker is more balanced. The shape of these appliances functions to direct the ice/ fruit towards the bottom where the blades are located.

If you are a parent planning to get a mixer für smoothies in the future, it is possible that you might be wondering what's the pros and cons of getting  glass or plastic containers. If you are going to allow your kids to use the smoothie maker, it is advisable that you consider getting the plastic one to be more safe. Also, it is a lot easier to clean the plastic container because it is significantly lighter. The glass container is a lot heavier, and if your kids break them, it might cost you a little bit more to replace it.

If you look at how the smoothie maker looks like, it is evident that the opening above  is wider than the funneled bottom. This is specially designed this way so that it could crush and blend efficiently and faster. You might think that those sharp blades are the reason it does its job well, but its actually the more powerful motor doing the work. Just remember that safety should not be taken for granted, when cleaning make sure that you and your kids are aware that you are dealing with sharp blades and clean it with extra caution.

Another advantage of getting a smoothie maker is that it makes following of a certain recipe easier and fun, most of the containers have measurement markings on the side to assist you. Get those creative juices flowing, you can mix whatever fruits you desire. You can also add or change ingredients depending on your choice. If you like, you can make a smoothie for a fitness conscious person and add protein powder to the drink. Just make sure you count those calories.

Your kids will look forward to breakfast everyday. It is hassle free to make and is very healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it should never be missed. Even if that's true,  a smoothie is a great substitute for cereals or even fried eggs.

Once you get your very own smoothie maker, you will feel the tasty difference. Regular drinks will transform into mouth-watering and refreshing drinks. Just make sure you choose what kind to get depending on your needs. A smoothie maker is a tool to be enjoyed by the whole family. See definitions here: .